Carolyn Ann III
18th Street
Barnegat Light, N.J.

Capt. Bill Hammarstrom
Capt. Will Hammarstrom
Gina Lawrenson

We welcome first-timers
as well as the experienced

Bring the family!

Fishing Report

7/21/14: The weather finally straightened out on Thursday, but what a mess on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! The fishing is still sluggish due to the bottom temp only being in the low 50's (actually, it was 54 degrees at 65-80 ft.) But that didn't stop Michael Doughty of Toms River, NJ, who won the pool with a 2-lb fluke and Mark Letendre of Massachusetts, who won also with a 2.5-lber. Also it didn't hurt Mary Warren of Annondale, NJ, who took the money with a 3.5-lb flattie and Wink Jones of Little Egg Harbor, NJ, who won with a nice 2.3-lb sea bass. Also, Lee Allen of Levittown, PA won the morning and the afternoon trip with a 4.5-lb fluke and a 3.2-lb sea bass. Nice job, Lee! Also Vincent Civitano of NY, who also won with a nice 2.8-lb sea bass and Slick Rick of Ocean Acres, NJ, won with a big 3-lb ling. There were a few more winners but we cannot reveal their identity due to the fact they were supposed to be at work! Ha! I'm sure the illness has passed and remarkable recovery has taken place!

The weather has turned for the better for now, but we still need the water temp up to get the bite going again. We expect that to happen very soon! There are still some beautiful sea bass being taken and this year you are allowed to keep them, three per man, and the delicious ling you can enjoy with no limit. We know the fluke are there and hopefully you will be there also when they turn on! Sea you soon,


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