Carolyn Ann III
18th Street
Barnegat Light, N.J.

Capt. Bill Hammarstrom
Capt. Will Hammarstrom
Gina Lawrenson

We welcome first-timers
as well as the experienced

Bring the family!

Fishing Report

6/11/17: The summer has almost officially started. We have one more week of sea bass, then the season shuts down. It does reopen July 1, but you can only keep 2. We have been targeting the sea bass pretty hard since the season opened May 26, with some decent trips to speak of. A few fluke have showed up also, so on June 19 we will be targeting just fluke and we also will be switching to the two 4-hour trips, 8 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm.

June 18 is the last day for 10 sea bass per man, then season closes. It reopens July 1 but only 2 fish per man. So with this nice weather coming upon us let's try to squeeze in one more sea bass trip! The water temp is getting up there so the flatties should start biting, and we will take you there to feed them to, after this week! Let's have a great summer, and we will sea you at sea.


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