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Fishing Report

7/29/14: Where is the summer going? It's almost August already! We all know what August brings, cooler weather and good drifts and warmer water temps, and here it is! Oh yes, we had some decent days last week fishing, a lot of short fish, but some real nice keepers mixed in. Here are a few bragging rights, I mean pool winners from last week. Ren Nociti of Barnegat Light, NJ won with a 4.8-lb fluke (he had two that size) and Mike Cedro of Statin Island, NY also won with a 3.8-lber (nice to see you back, Mike), also Mike Villanova of Waretown, NJ took half of that money (Mike and Mike tied!). Then we have another tie with two 6-lbers caught by David Frost (Iceman) of Barnegat, NJ and James Dunn of Tuckerton, NJ, nice job, boys!

Also we have Allen DeKorte of Leighton, PA caught and won with a nice 3.8-lb flattie on the Black Beauty rod. (Hey, Allen, the rod did good by you.) And Bob Pianetti of Manahawkin, NJ who won with a 3-lber. Tom Nails of Westbury, NY, also got lucky, I mean skillfully won the pool with a 2.8-lb fluke and I'm sure there are a few more that we missed, my apologies!

Here we go! This is what we have been waiting for. The bite was on for most part of last week, when the conditions were good. There are a lot of fish around, plenty of shorts (short for us, keepers for the draggers, 14 inches they are allowed to keep) but plenty of action. The bottom temp is up in the mid 60's and you can see inshore action coming alive. We had two sharks, thresher sharks, hooked up and gave us a thrill, of course they broke off, and the bunker schools are everywhere, plus cocktail bluefish are around also. We still catch an occasional sea bass and ling, but only around structure. So let the August action begin! We will be there to enjoy it and hopefully you will, too! Sea you at sea!


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