Carolyn Ann III
18th Street
Barnegat Light, N.J.

Capt. Bill Hammarstrom
Capt. Will Hammarstrom
Gina Lawrenson

We welcome first-timers
as well as the experienced

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Fishing Report

8/31/14: This was the change-up week from two 4-hour daily trips to one 6-hour trip, started Friday. Hey, it might have made the difference! Captain Will did a lot of ($$$) running around to zero in on the fish! The earlier part of the week we had to deal with the swell from the hurricane that went offshore of us. So all in all the best day was **#!*y! You had to be there! The best day of the week was Monday for Jerry Szutarski of Beverly, NJ, who won with a 3.3-lb fluke and another great day for Ren Noticy of Barnegat Light, NJ, who won with a big 7.86-lber (almost beat Kenny D, but not quite). Also the money went to Richie Weisz (the brothers strike again) of Manahawkin, NJ with a nice 6.75-lb fluke. Also we have another lucky, I mean skillful, angler who won the pool, Kenny "D" of Philadelphia, PA with a nice 5-lber on Saturday and also Dennis Haney of Lumberton, NJ won with a 5.1-lber and also Frank Friel of Manahawkin, NJ took the cash with a 4.2-lb fluke and also Jay Simmons of Cooperburg, PA won with a 3-lb flattie.

Here we go for the long stretch! This is the month for fluking, for us! Hey, as long as the weather stays nice and conditions are good, there is no reason why we shouldn't do well! We are zeroing in on the fish, all they have to do is bite! One more thing, we all know that from 9/1 to 9/6 the fisheires opened sea bass to 15 per man, but the fact is, that time of year there really aren't all that many around. I mean there is a few, but not enough to target, when we can keep fluke. I think that was a nasty give on their part (hey, let's throw them a bone when there is none); whatever. Let's go for the meat and I hope you're there to harvest! Sea you at sea,


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