Carolyn Ann III
18th Street
Barnegat Light, N.J.

Capt. Bill Hammarstrom
Capt. Will Hammarstrom
Gina Lawrenson

We welcome first-timers
as well as the experienced

Bring the family!

Fishing Report

7/17/16: July is sliding by so quietly, only a few uproars of storms, and the fishing in the past week has been the same! No drift and no fish! But the afternoons have frequently been producing. This is a fishing report, no bullshit, the afternoons have been in the last week producing, only because there is a drift. We realize there are a lot of fish, on open bottom more than ever before. But we need a drift to cover that area! When you see 10 to 15 knots on the marine forecast, go! The calmest weather is good but sometimes a little chop and a good drift can make all the difference in the world. You can go on facebook to pick up the pictures of our daily catch. It's always a honest report, of the catch and the conditions. Thanks for your dedication. Sea you at sea,


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