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Fishing Report

7/27/15: Here it is, the last week of July already, and we are landing some beautiful fluke! Monday it was Rick with a 7.2-lber, then it was Zack Foster with a 7.42-lber, and the next giant was landed by Dave Frost, weighing in at 8.01 lb, and is now the new tournament leader! We had quite a few more nice fish that won pools, like Dennis Specht with a 5-lber and Moe Wilson with 4.2-lb flattie, also Andy Kubale with a 5-lber and Karen Berge with a 5.6-lb fluke. We had a few more, like Donny Saraceno with a 5.6-lber and Albert Giannotti with a 6-lber, and John Mack with a 4.2-lber and Jimmy Weisz with a 3.5-lb fluke. There were a few more, but let's get on with the news.

Some of the days last week were good and others slower, but the fish are definitely there. It's all about conditions. The drift of course is the ticket! If we can cover some of the fluking grounds with a decent drift, then we find small pods of fluke together and sometimes they are nice-size fish. Of course, we are still catching plenty of short fluke to keep us awake and still an occasional nice sea bass (which closes the end of this month). Skates are abundant and sea robins (which we like to use for bait) also are becoming a popular fish for the table! Don't laugh, try it first! You will be amazed how good they are.

The schedule is the same for the rest of the summer. Two four-hour trips daily except for August 12; that afternoon trip only, we are chartered. The Miss Barnegat Light will be open that afternoon to take people out on a four-hour trip, 1 pm to 5 pm. August is almost here, and that's usually our best month. You can look us up on facebook to see our most recent pictures. Sea you at sea!


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